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Our first shop in Ancoats is coming this summer/22 and we are beyond excited to finally have a space for our lovely customers. In the meantime you can shop online or visit the food markets we attend. Please check our Insta page for more info.

  • Who we are

    We are (baking) lovers!

    Matt is the mastermind behind the delicious pastries and breads. He is a self taught baker who always loved baking. An artist from the heart! Debs is the boss (who run the world?) She manages our bakery whilst selling, taking photos, editing our insta videos, organising events, creating strategies and most of the times helping the baker too. Together we are the dream team!

  • How we started

    It's pretty obvious that we started in our teeny tiny flat in Ancoats (hence our name haha). At the beginning we faced quite a few challanges to put the business together, but we never gave up. Thankfully we've always had an amazing feedback from our customers who helped us to grow and be where we are now. We praise our passions, values and roots more than enything.

  • Our community

    Bring our culture to Manchester is part of our mission and this is what makes us stands out.

    We are the organisers behind the 'Brazilian Festa Junina Festival' where we gather other brilliant Brazilian small businesses and performers to showcase the best of our multicultural country.

    Festa Junina will take place this June/22. Follow our instagram and the @arraiamcr for more updates to come.

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